Tuesday, January 31, 2017


so, why liverpool? you ask. what kind of answer were you expecting, i wonder. but no matter, i can only give you the truth.

it's a coastal city (here, flows the river mersey, mercy, mercy. and i love standing on the dock, right at the edge, and stare across at the twinkling lights of the town on the far shore. i love the open sky, the uninhibited horizons, the calm waters and the way they comfort a nomadic heart, a nocturnal soul. i love the wind's whisperings, sometimes in jest, sometimes in anger, and the seagull's cries, always in jest, always in hunger. i love the sound of the water lapping, licking at the rocks, the concrete dock, lapping, licking at all sin, shame and sorrow)

and the sunset there is always beautiful (here, the sun fights the turning of the clock, the coming of the night. the sun fights to stay and bleeds across the entire sky - purple and pink for pain, orange and red for love and lust and anger. the same rainbow colours my skin and arches over my heart. everyday, i rise and i fight with the sun. and when night comes, inevitably, i rest and ready myself for tomorrow, another day, another war)

it's a beautiful city. (here, i am free - like the waters, like the birds, like me)

you smile and shrug. did you hear me?

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