Monday, December 19, 2016


it's 10am on a Monday morning back home - 2am where i am - and i receive a text message from my mama -

you should start thinking about the car number plate you want - 0711, 1088, 53xx...

each number has some significance to me - birthdate, mobile phone digits, ID number -  and the fact that she remembers these numbers off the top of head says something. it says a lot of things.

i want to remember this moment - me sitting at my laptop, more alone than ever, but for a mountain of coursework and revision to tunnel through - and her sitting at her office computer, thinking of me.

i am everyday stunned by my parents' devotion and dedication to me and my sisters. do we deserve it?

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  1. Oh well, that's parents' instinct. For most it comes natrullay. Whether you deserve it or not, it is up to you! Is a question you asked now but the answer lies in the future from your action or inaction!


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