Tuesday, August 30, 2016

grocery store

there's a game we play when we're at the grocery store - 
you will walk ahead, quick and purposeful - you know what you are looking for
i will trail behind, slowly and leisurely - i am looking for nothing, looking at everything
you will turn around and see me seduced by yet another pretty packaging
and you will  turn the corner and run to the end of the aisle
i will look up and see you gone 
and i will look down every aisle and see not a shadow of your being, not a whisper of your breathing

sometimes, i will walk around blindly looking for you
sometimes i will continue looking at the shelves until you return
sometimes i slow down, sometimes i speed up

but you always appear again at the end of the aisle,
laughing at my crazy eyes
and throw your arm around me
while i whine why did you disappear, while i wonder where did you go

these days, i've come to expect a disappearing act whenever we're at the grocery store
but i will still panic and you will still laugh

i hate to make something that is fun and funny to the both of us sentimental
but one day i will tell you
how much i cherish the moment when i first see your face peeking at me from around the corners of the aisle
how you smile and when i say smile, i mean the laugh lines on your cheeks and around your eyes, i mean the white of your teeth and the light of your eyes
how much i love being tucked under your arm and the tenderness of your embrace

when i say you are so much fun, these are the moments i think of,
grocery shopping on a Wednesday night.

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