Sunday, November 01, 2015


more and more i am realizing that the only way you can truly be happy is by letting the people who have already gone, go
how can you though? how can i?
when there is still hope of righting wrongs and rebuilding burnt bridges? how can you not try once more, a hundred thousand times more?  how can i not?
maybe the only way is to pretend that the people who are as good as dead are exactly that, dead.


you call me sunshine, you call me starlight

but even the heaven cries sometimes, raining, meteor-showering
and even stars suicide, shooting across the sky in a straight line

and sometimes, i am a storm.

but you cannot love my thunder and tears and thunderous, tearful thoughts
how can you love me in the Summer and leave me in the Winter?
no, i will not allow you to.


those are your hands, that is the watch your mama gave you
and these are the seconds that feel like hours, this is my heart in your hands - no longer whole

coward, coward, coward
how could you stand there silent in the shadows and let me reach out for you in the dark while you dodge my stretched out fingers with any and every excuse?

courage, courage
how could have none to look me in the eye and say good bye?
how could you be a friend one minute and less than a stranger the next?


today, i bury you.

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