Friday, October 09, 2015


i was mesmerized -
by the way you breathed smoke, like a storm cloud brewing, like your soul escaping, like sin.

these are the things i want to remember about you;
one: the way you dance - not on the dancefloor, not on your feet but behind the wheel of your car with the radio turned up and me laughing next to you
two: your hands - everywhere, everywhere but most of all, your thumb on my cheek, your palm on my neck and my eyes closed, my breath lost
three: you - the things you say, the things you do, i was mesmerized by you.

these are the things i wish i didn't have to remember about you;
one: 'where are you?' - angry, accusatory & me, always assuring, but you were never appeased
two: words - theirs, yours, mine and the truth lost in translation, but you were so sure i was the one lying
three: shaky, unsteady - maybe it was me, but it was you that gave up.

so, we will go back to being strangers,
and call this meeting a mistake - an accident, a coincident

maybe Fate cruelly crossed our paths,
maybe Love wanted one last laugh,

or maybe Time just thought, no, not now, maybe later, maybe never - but definitely not now.

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