Wednesday, October 14, 2015


it's almost 1 am and i just got home a few hours ago from one of the prettiest town i know. there's just something about being away - something about being in a gorgeous place with a good friend - that restores the spirit. and these two days have been a reminder of the forgotten goodness that could be found in the everyday madness. so tonight, i will count my blessings..

one: this girl - i have so, so much love for her - for letting me hijack her trip back to her hometown (this was the most spontaneous thing i've done in a while, she told me in passing that she was going back to Melaka during our mini-break and i just self-invited myself along teehee). For being the best travel buddy i could ever ask for - we walked the entire length of Jonker Street and slightly beyond each end under the midday sun and the midnight moon and she'a all good. For being down to do everything and nothing.

two: coincidences - we ran into a friend of mine that i met back at the firm i interned in during the summer break and it was such a sweet surprise! Also, she took the only photo we have that had the two of us hahah. Sometimes the universe seems so big that you forget how small the world really is..
three: strangers and their stories - we sat down for a late night snack and two guys who owned bistros by the river sat down and spoke to us and told us stories. there's something about meeting people your age who are at a completely different place in their life and on the map that pops the bubble you're breathing in.   

four: beautiful buildings, beautiful walls, beautiful doors, beautiful pathways - everything was beautiful.
five: quiet - you can talk to most people, some maybe awkwardly but rarely will there be people you're comfortable sitting in silence with.
 six: sunshine - the sun made me sticky and sweaty but i love it and i don't think i will ever not love the feeling of the sun kissing my skin.

seven: night - in the morning, the magic disappears like mist in the sun. i'll never forget the way the river looked under the starlight, dark with secret, bright with lies, beautiful and deadly and tempting you to throw yourself in.
eight: lesson - just outside this church a man came up to us and offered to show us around town. he was a tourguide of sorts and i wasn't the nicest person to him. mostly because i was scared that he'd get too pushy and try to persuade me or something..i'm not making excuses for myself! but i really, really hate that fear made me such a terrible person. later, he came up to us again and asked us where we were going and he gave us directions and oh god, i feel like such a terrible person just thinking about it..
right now, my heart is full, my soul fueled and my stomach fed. it has been a good, good getaway.

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