Saturday, January 31, 2015


after black with the one who knows me after dark..
when all my monsters come out to play - the one
who calls all my monsters by name and knows exactly
where to scratch to calm them down (the chin, not the cheek) and
what to say to make them all stay still.


during one of our rare week-night dinners,
we were talking about an old friend who had been spreading stories behind your back
i told you to not let it bother you because he was now so far away
far - not physically, but in every other way
and you agreed - saying that a few years ago, it might have upset you, but not now
and i agreed - now, i am more guarded with who i give my attention and affection to 
i said, and you said too - we'd rather be alone with our thoughts
than with a throng with whom we cannot be ourselves
and we no longer try to make others like us nor try to make ourselves like others
at this point in time, we have made all the friends we want to make
and we already know those who are true 
but what i didn't tell you was that -
you are home and i come to you for comfort and all kinds of conversations, i come to you for arms to sleep in and eyes that won't judge, i come to you - you who knows my heart just from the way i say hello.. 
you are one of the few that i would help run away if ever you had a bounty on your head :) 
whatever becomes of us, we will be friends for a long time, yes?

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