Wednesday, December 24, 2014

the secret

the month of december, especially the past couple of weeks, really felt like the days just flew by..
lots have happened, lots that are out of routine
and that's both good and bad.

i have things i want to say, thoughts i need to write down and free myself from,
but not today,
it is nearly 2am and i could have sworn it was only 12am the last time i checked the clock
but such is how time feels like to me lately,


instead, i want to record and remember
a sweet secret that a lady in Burt's Bees told me and J today..
we went christmas shopping for my two youngest sisters and my grandma
and i was madly indecisive,
i walked from the front to the back of each store, from store to store, up and down,
looking for something they might like

and just before lunch,
we stopped by Burt's Bees and while i sniffed and smelled and sampled everything on the shelf,
J struck up a conversation with the sales lady
and he complained about the madness that had taken over me..

and the lady said,
'i have been married for 47 years,
the secret is to love her, even when you don't understand her.'

J repeated it to me as we were walking away and we laughed!
we laughed, because it is so true!


the picture is one of my friends, calan and shu, on a rock on a beach in Penang
i have tons of photos from our trip last december, that i never got around to post,
and now seems like as good a time as any..
i'm missing my MCKL bunch very, very much


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