Friday, November 28, 2014


there is a window next to his bed,
the blinds perpetually in a lop-sided, half-up, half-down state,
in the afternoons, sunlight streams in and slants across the room,
too bright and too hot,
but in the evening, magic happens.

we lie down after a long day or after a shower,
damp, sometimes with sweat, sometimes with bath water we didn't quite dry off,
and we watch the sky go through its colours,
pink and red and purple,
deep like mystery, dark like secret.

we think of the dinner we should eat,
the places we haven't been in a while, the food we have been longing for a while,
but we don't say anything,
maybe we're tired or sleepy or just lazy,
but most likely, it's the magic of the moment,
there is happiness, in silence and in stillness,

foreheads touching, legs intertwined, eyes closed,
the sky dimming and the streetlamps blinking on,
and i wonder if our minds are laughing at some secret joke
and what our hearts are whispering to each other
and whether our souls are dancing or flying or both.

//shower thoughts (haha)

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