Sunday, November 30, 2014


my best friend got a new puppy and i had the honours of bringing her home :)
and ahhh, i am so in love!
she loves kisses so much it's unbelievable..put her on your lap and she climbs up to lick your chin, kiss the top of her head and she turns around to return the favour, lie down on the floor and she goes into a tail-wagging madness all over your face..
how to not love?!
and she loves falling asleep on us.
leave her out of her playpen and she glues herself to your side..stretch yourself out on the floor and she crawls onto your back, sit down on the floor and she climbs into your lap, lie down on your back and she curls up on your tummy..
it's strange to think that a Jack Russell could be so calm to nap on laps and such.
but she's still a two-month old pup
and it's so endearing, i wish she would never stop.

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