Friday, November 14, 2014


i was caught in the jam for a good two hours today..

it was cold and rainy,
the radio was playing songs of soul and sorrow
and it was that hour,
that magical twilight hour
when the lights and the stars and the drops of heaven are indistinguishable
all equally beautiful

and, of course, what else could i have felt in that moment,
but nostalgia and melancholia?
for a place i have never been and a time i have long forgotten


they told me that i would begin to resent traffic jams when i started driving..
i haven't yet
what's not to love?
when every day is a rush for time and a race to town,
it's nice to be forced to slow down once in a while, you know?


right now, i am tired to the bone
but i am at the kitchen table
pen and paper all around
and a thousand words to write.

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