Monday, November 10, 2014


manhattan fish market with vincy/bought myself some birthday shoes/goofing around in the changing room/nineteen year old face (so far, no wrinkles..haha)/grapefruit scent from my Sim uncle (haha..)/missing: a tall stack of brown sugar pancakes i made for breakfast (because i love myself) & a huge, huge carbo loaded lunch with joash and may and dessert after


nineteen nineteen
nineteen crept in quietly
and without much of a fuss or fanfare

this will be a good year, i think, a good age

now that i've sat down and thought about it,
eighteen was horrible
eighteen was all growing up and getting lost and going nowhere

but now, for about a few weeks now, i've started to feel found
nineteen is finally being grounded
and feeling like i need nothing more and no one else

nineteen is being on the way
with the right directions and the right destination

and needs no rescuing :)

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