Monday, November 10, 2014


one day, i shall have a huge tank with a baby shark swimming in it, and i shall name it Lex :)
(a girl can dream ok)

and that is my favorite spot in my campus right now,
this little corner in the cafeteria with tall windows and lots of sunlight

i have been crazy busy..
i have never, ever felt so drowned in work in my life!
there's always something to do, books to read, notes to make and take, homework to be done, assignment to be researched and written, laws and cases and statutes to learn..

i know i've gone past the point of no return when latin words and phrases start popping up in my head out of nowhere!

but it's a good sort of busy :)
and i'm surprised to find myself sitting down and doing my work
without my mind once trying to talk myself out of it!

i guess it really does make a difference when you like what you do
and law is very, very interesting..

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