Monday, November 03, 2014

good things

a guy once told me,
'it's the small things, too insignificant to spell out.'
  • food that's fresh (rainbow-coloured salad, the tangy taste of mustard and lemon, onion that still burns when you bite...)
  • waking up to a room that's not too dark but not too bright either (that perfect hour between dawn and daylight)
  • taylor swift's 1989 (you've got that james dean daydream look in your eye and i've got that classic red-lip thing that you like)
  • good conversations (the soul-sage kind that kills and the surface-shallow kind that thrills)
  • sharing of secrets (learning truths and earning trust)
  • waking up in a favourite person's bed (to smiling eyes, to embracing arms, to smelly breaths)
  • sincere hugs (long and deep and all-encompassing)
  • porridge (on a rainy evening)
  • learning (truly - the kind that lights up a bulb)
  • movies (sweet caramel popcorn and salty tears in the theatre)
  • saturday lunch (shepherd's pie on the patio surrounded by potted plants)
  • coffee and camomile tea (and good conversation)
  • lingering goodbyes, excited hellos (friends, family, furbaby)

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