Monday, October 13, 2014

slow burning

'...Killing someone usually turns out to be an enormously complicated solution to what was a much simpler problem.'

The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic Emily Croy Barker 

How's that for good advice? (hah)

But really, I haven't read such a good book in such a very, very long time!

I miss reading this sort of story - slow-burning, slow-building - after the amount of instantly gratifying stories that finishes itself in a matter of hours. No kidding - i threw the covers over my head and read for four hours straight and i still wasn't done but i didn't want to be done!

finally, at 4.16am, i put the book (phone?) down and stared and smiled and stared and smiled, just like an idiot because, DAMN IT THAT WAS A DAMN GOOD BOOK.

It's magical and so, so rare to be so in love with a character before their destined lover ever realizes they're just only beginning to fall in love. Or maybe it's just me (but i doubt it HAH) and my soft spot for the kind of love stories that unravels slowly and sneakily next to a major main storyline - the kind that starts with a look rather than a kiss, the kind that takes forever for the characters to admit...the kind that takes up two pages tops out of a hundred but is more unforgettable than a love song :)

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