Friday, October 03, 2014


one of my lecturers said something that stuck with me today
she said that law was about chasing the line between right and wrong & black and white..
(it is crazy - how the law can never be too rigid nor too relaxed
being human, having a brain, having a heart 
this should mean that we can make judgement, right?
but we are also so collapsible, so corruptible
i think we will be chasing that line until the end of time.)

and i realized that all the best things in life are always like that 
coloured every shade of grey, a little wrong, a little right, a lot of crazy, a lot of confusion
but just perfect the way it is.

it hit me even harder when i saw a face i haven't seen in a while later that day
if there ever was a grey issue grey enough to turn my hair grey from trying to figure it out
it is this

some times, i wonder if i am setting myself up for a great heartache, painful enough to last a lifetime
other times, i wonder if maybe this could be
but most of the time, i am just the simplest kind of happy, the kind that needs nothing but pure presence - a smile, a look, a laugh :)

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