Monday, October 20, 2014


bowling with the youths to celebrate Olivia's birthday!


i remember sitting in the Atmosphere a few months back and realizing that the demographics of the youth group had changed..
there was suddenly more boys than there were girls and most of them were a few years younger than i was.
did it bother me?
no, not really but i remember feeling a little out of place..
like suddenly i was an outsider.

but lately, getting to know these boys better, i'm starting to feel right at home again :)
and i'm starting to see them for all that they really are..
besides, despite and aside from their love of dodgeball surprises, nerfgun attacks and McDonald runs.

they are good and generous and godly and always growing in all of those ways
which is a lot more than i can say for a lot of boys my age.

and watching them hit the drums or guitar strum or song lead,
i feel a sense of pride sometimes,
like i can claim them as my own, like their victory is my own.

and they are funny, oh my goodness, are they funny

i remember how one afternoon during lunch fellowship, i kept zoning out, kept thinking of something else, worrying worrying and slipping out of the conversation every few minutes -
and one of them noticed and he waved a french fry in front of my face and in his own way kept making sure i was okay :)
he was too young, in my mind, to not lose himself in the laughter and fun and forget everyone else.

and when another one of them lost his temper and though he never really said anything that hurt, his tone was stubborn, spiteful and i remember feeling disappointed in his attitude -
but he apologized later, in his own way, and i was proud of that.

it is such a blessing, to me and everyone else, to know them :)

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