Monday, September 29, 2014

starting again

i've started regular classes for about a week now
and it's nice- slowly slipping into a new routine and finding new pockets of free time

i drive myself to uni most mornings and i cherish that hour-long, sometimes longer, drive more than anything. it is my time. just me and my jam - both the mainstream music kind and the traffic kind. (hehe) i like the quiet, i like hearing my own thoughts, trapped in my own mind. and i like the freedom, the not-having-to-wait - for someone to pick me up, for the train to come, for the rain to stop. 

i like what i am doing right now. i like law. i like reading, i like researching, i like retaliating. everything excites me. learning has never felt this fun. and i can imagine doing this for the rest of my life, no regrets :) 

and procrastination feels so, so much better when productivity is on the other end of the spectrum and the same goes for spontaneity - it only feels great when it's a break from regular routine. speaking about that..i've got things to do :)

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