Saturday, June 28, 2014


one, friends across the seas and skies whom you can still talk to like the separation was merely a see-you-soon said yesterday.

second, old friends, the kind you've known since their awkward teenage times and watched grow into manhood, womanhood, adulthood and whom you meet up with for lunch every now and then and talk about your different lives and the same life you once shared and say goodbye by promising to see each other again very, very soon.

three, accidental friends, that one you met at a mutual friend's party, that one you always smile at in the school hallways, but who picks up your midnight distress calls, who texts you an are-you-okay when you seem down a little too low.

four, friends like this..
me: wanna do something crazy with me? let's go save turtles in tioman.
her: let's go!! when? :D

five, friends who love you (in a non-gay way) :D

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