Friday, May 23, 2014

happy birthday

not sure how i should write this,
not even sure if i should be writing this..

but for old time's sake, why not?

so, blessed birthday to a very special someone.

if anyone asked me today who you are to me,
i honestly wouldn't know what to say.

because really, who are we?
strangers with leftover love? friends haunted by history?
or comrades still fighting for something just beyond reach?

but what's a name? what's a title? what's a label?
to two people who refuse to be defined by the world, who make our own rules, who does whatever makes us happy.
who are bonded, one way or another, for now or forever.

it's your big day
but if i could blow the nineteen candles, i would wish to see you through each and every one of your birthdays. 
but if i can't, here's wishing you every birthday to be happier than the last
and that you will grow ever greater.

happy birthday, my favorite :)

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