Wednesday, April 09, 2014

see you later

you are missed!

walked into accounts today and the seat to my right is empty,
not because you were late (ahem), not because something's came up (ahem), not because you're just not here yet,
but because you were already gone.

walked into english literature today and i stood still for a moment wondering where do i drop my books,
because, once again, who's gonna take the seat to my right now? because whose shoulder am i gonna bury my face in when emotions rush to my face now? because who's gonna watch me play candy crush or 2048 under the table now?

we're short of one now,
only three overly attached girls with tables pushed together in math, only four of the original lit class left.

your presence/your absence

i never thought we would part so fast, but then, these things do tend to come as a surprise.
still, more than missing you, i'm truly happy for you,
for this opportunity, for this chance, for this new beginning.

and i only hope and wish and pray for the best for you :)

not a goodbye, just a see you later

love from malaysia!

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  1. And once again, you don't fail to open the floodgates.

    Thanks, chyu. I miss you tonnes too. It's hard when huggables are torn by distance. See you later, I can't wait.
    To be reunited with hugs soon, xx


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