Sunday, April 27, 2014


this space has been silent for a little too long.
but my mind is a messy place these days,
one thread of thought could lead me in a thousand different directions
and more often than not,
i end up in tears.

call it intuition, call it instinct,
call it what you will,
but i felt it coming

have i not asked you each and every time,
is she okay? is she okay? is she okay?
did you know then? did you not want me to know then, or now?

but your silence answers me, even if your words won't.

i saw her in your kitchen, at the table,
but she wasn't there.
oh no, no, she was far away
in some land where Love is forsaken,
and Promise broken.

and i wish
that night, we had stayed in your home
that we hadn't left her alone in her loneliness

and i wish
that night, i had walked over wordlessly
and gave her a hug
humankind's simplest solace

i still cry now
but no longer for myself
but for all those who cannot keep the Promise
who do not realize that
above all,
Love is a Choice

and we choose everyday.


i'm sorry they decided to stop fighting, to stop conquering,
i'm sorry i couldn't save you
but then, i couldn't even save us, or myself.

i hope you know that your own fate is in your own hands
and i have all my faith in you

please don't lose hope or trust or Love. 

i am here,
for whenever you decide you're done running. 

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