Sunday, February 02, 2014

dear stranger,

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, Jennifer E Smith

lately, i've been loving Jennifer E. Smith..
it's no surprise though - not after i go back and read and reread all the bits I've highlighted.
her words speak what my heart is too afraid to think.
she writes of love and loss right next to each other, as if they go hand in hand, as if they belong together...
she comforts me, she frightens me, and right now, she is the perfect escape.

i am starting to think that this is the reason i read so much,
because really, i am seeking my own story, searching for some semblance between those words and my own,
because i think, if i really go back and read through all the highlighted bits in every book i've ever read, I can tell, i can really tell at which point my life was at that very moment.

and right now, i am heartsick..

but this bit is not for the one i wish was brave enough to stay..
this bit is for the one i let walk away because i was too much of a coward,
because how will i ever forget a stranger on a plane that touched my arm and asked me about Neil Gaiman and went on to talk about Hemingway and Haruki Murakami and Hunger Games,
this bit is for you, wherever you are,

thank you for the conversation.

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