Wednesday, November 13, 2013


...i am going over the poems for my coming literature paper at the most lazy, languid and leisurely pace ever
and this is the best, most perfect way to spend a Wednesday afternoon,
middle of the week, middle of the day,
with nowhere to be and nowhere to go,
but home, words and feelings

i cannot wait to be done with AS,
i cannot wait for December and all its possibilities,
i cannot wait for the play i've just booked the tickets to, cannot wait to see friends i've not seen in a while, cannot wait for the trips i've got planned, cannot wait for carolling and Christmas..

and lately, a very familiar feeling has come back,
an itching at an old, forever bruised spot,
a nagging in that same incessant voice,
a poking and a prodding i cannot ignore..

darling little impatience, rushing through now and wishing for new,
slow down, slow down.

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