Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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someone told me that, with you around, he's getting to know me better.
and you do that, you know?

you bring out the best and worst in me.
you shed my skin, you strip my soul
i am my truest, boldest, purest self when i am with you.

you are all the nine Muses to me and more; the greatest, the grandest of them all.
you are the promise set in stone, you are the oath etched in gold.
you are the sound of guitar strings and piano keys,
you are the sight of both my oldest memory and my newest dream,
you are the light of dawn and the dark of night, 
you are the warmth of the morning sun and the midnight fire, 
you are the slow tingle spreading across my skin and the quick static running up my spine, 
you are that book that makes my heart beat, that verse that makes my tears come, that word that makes my eyes smile, 
you are all arms and long hugs and deep embraces
you are ridiculous, you are outrageous, you are fantastic 
you are unbelievable and impossible..

you are my kind of silly ;)

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