Wednesday, September 11, 2013


tonight was a night of stories; new and untold, old and unheard
tonight was a night of celebrations and cupcakes and candles
tonight was a night of birthdays and thank yous


these pictures and those words were from a few months ago
from the night we baked to surprise a favorite English teacher
and also, to keep a promise to a certain engineer for the A+ in add. math.

i was thinking lately of how teachers must be masters of goodbyes and farewells.
there are those that i still miss so dearly and remember and love,

a BM teacher from back when i was ten or eleven, who teased me and pulled my pigtails and gave me a nickname that stuck for years after and whose face and voice of disappointment when i didn't do as well as he expected i still remember,
a cell group leader, who brought us to movies and shopping and told us he could hear us laughing inside the girls' washroom from the guys' and who gave me my first bible and wrote a dedication on the inside of the front cover that i still live by,
an english teacher who sparked and started my love for story-telling and tale-spinning and myth-creating,
an add. math teacher who thought too highly of us and taught too much that my brain just gave up on and whose passion for her work shines through in every single of her many expressions, both facial and mathematical,
a history teacher that i both fear and am fond of..
and so many others.

and there are lecturers i have now,
who, as i get to know them better, are killing me as i think of the too few months we have left in the classroom,
a math lecturer who begs us to kill him in every single class, who steals our stationery, who makes math the chillest subject with his long breaks and early dismissals,
an accounts lecturer whose sarcasm and constant teasing and early Saturday classes i will miss,
an econs lecturer who, when i was alone and hoping to study for his paper the next day, sat down with me and we spent the next hour talking about his violent rabbit and gender-confused fishes and the Simpsons and Archies and virtues and vices,
an eng lit lecturer who is the greatest and whose talk i will miss the most..

how do they do it?
how do they say good bye to hundreds of students each year?
do their hearts break every graduation?
i really don't know.

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