Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Of names

My friend said something very true about names that day and i loved the truth of it.
He said that as relationships progressed, the names we call each other also changes. 
And i realized how true that is.

There are some names that, no matter how big a mouthful, i will always call in full and all those extra syllables places a gap between us.
And then there are some names i will lengthen in love so that i may hold a small piece of their soul on the tip of my tongue for a second longer.

There are also names that i never call, names that are so secret and so precious that i keep them hidden deep in my heart, for me and me alone.
But instead, i call them by the names of all the things under the sun and the stars because that's what they are to me, everything.

what do you call me and what do you hide in those sonants?

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