Thursday, June 27, 2013

lost and found

"Sorry. I lost it for a second."
"It's okay. Thanks for finding it again."
I promise you that as long as you will realize it's gone and apologize and find it again, 
I will forgive and love and repeat

I've known so many- family, friends, strangers- whose temper have made me cry silent tears, the worse kind, the kind that has lost its voice in fear, but you, never.

I am forever thankful that i have and will never hear you yell or shout single syllables in anger 
or watch you raise your fist or voice in fury.
I am forever amazed to watch your jaw tense and your head shake and your eyebrows pull together,
awestruck to watch your eyes smile and hear your voice calm. 

I am forever feeling your lips against my forehead when I show up, nearly an hour late 
and you shook your head and I bowed mine
but I feel your arms and I feel you forgive me.

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