Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Inferno Dan Brown 

I'm halfway through Dan's Inferno. Dan's Inferno. GEDDITGEDDIT?! Dan's Inferno, Dante's Inferno? Yes? No? HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I'm already halfway through the book and with every page I turn, I bring myself closer to the final piece of this puzzle but I'm bracing myself for another disappointment. I can't decide if I love or hate Dan Brown. His endings are always so asdfghjkl; total let-downs urgh. 

but I really like what Robert Langdon said, the age-old battle between mind and heart, which seldom want the same thing.

How many times have the grim, reigning king and the gentle, loving queen fought within me? One who only sees the planet in a monotony of black and white and one who feels her way through all the shades of colours on God's earth; how many times has the queen bowed to his hard facts and cold logic? And how many times has the king accepted her defeat, knowing she would weep herself to sleep that night? 

How many more quarrels, how many more battles? 

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