Saturday, May 18, 2013


There are two things i want to tell you from this picture;
the first thing is.. i volunteered at Zoo Negara today! 

And it was oh-so-fun!
I made friends with a deer, called a tapir like it's my pooch, tried to make nice with a couple of kangaroo-dormouse hybrids, lugged loads of green leafy things around and of course, i cleaned poop...

And I was also on the other side of the fence :D

Right now, I'm feeling tired, but it's the good sort of tired. The sort that makes you feel like lying down on your bed with your eyes open but unseeing and your mind flying back in time as you try to recall every last little detail of the past few hours.

and the second thing is.. well, *smiles* HEH ;)


  1. Hahhaa yaay teeth/smile without barriers!Congratulations!You graduated from your braces! HAHAH ; DD

    AHH MACAM FUN SANGAT!I want to go and help out some day too! : DDDD

    1. I KNOWWWW. SO HAPPYY :D :D :D naked teeth ;) go go go, it's quite fun!


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