Thursday, May 23, 2013


There are some things that you're just not allowed to feel; no matter how high and how bright the flame burns.

And what do you do with an emotion you can't quite explain?
And even if you could tie together a string of words and voice the secret whisperings of your heart, who do you tell? Who would you trust with something this wrong, this forbidden?

No one. You swallow it, you bury it deep in your core, you hope that it'll disappear one day as quietly as it had appeared.

But, of course, it will stay lodged in your throat like a foul taste. How do you hear that laugh, watch that smile, feel that presence and pretend that it wasn't once only meant for you? Those eyes that only quested after you, the sighings that only reached your ears, skin that only caressed yours; once, a long time ago.

You close your eyes and beg for mercy, you shut your ears and chase after oblivion, you try and try to forget and seek repose; but it escapes you, every time.

So, bless my blade with a kiss for luck and here i go, off to battle my own heart.

//just me, thinking a little too much.

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