Wednesday, February 13, 2013


i'm busy tossing yee sang, collecting ang pows, wearing red, spending breakfast, lunch & dinner at three different homes, eating Indian chicken curry & Malay nasi lemak for Chinese New Year, going from one obscure relative's house to another distant relative's house, ignoring comments on how tanned i've gotten, screaming in my head that i'll play in the sun as long as i want & turn my skin as golden as i please, laughing when my favorite boy advises me to tell them all to sod off, watching gorgeous fireworks explode in the sky, cowering from the three long strings of crazy loud red firecrackers the neighbour set off, munching on deep fried, mandolin-sliced arrowhead pieces, trying not to drop pineapple tart crumbs on the couch, sampling all kinds of cookies, catching up with a friend who i haven't seen in a long time & realizing how grown up she is now, exchanging silly photos of our days with a boy who is alternating his holidays with his paternal family in Perak and his maternal family in Kuching, sleeping late and just, celebrating :)

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