Wednesday, January 23, 2013


so, today was clean-out-your-storage-room day at the hotel!
that means crumbling cardboard boxes, showers of dusts that tickles your nose, rude spider surprises and flying balls of dust bunnies.
and also, sunshine, blue sky and sticky, icky sweat.

and it's so refreshing!
you kinda forget how the sun feels like on your skin and how the sky changes its colors as the day goes by when you're sitting indoors all day.

time becomes numbers on the clock instead of the shade of the sky and the weather becomes the temperature of the AC system instead of the sun's many moods.

and to think that all this while, i've taken all that for granted, that i'll always have the option of walking across the school courtyard under the open sky whenever i wanted to feel the sun's kisses, that i'll always have the option to sit and walk and run and jump as i please.

oh, life, you're a sneaky fellow.
you should have warned me.

and after all that sweating, when we're back in the office and cooling off, my uncle walks in then walks out then comes back with a bag of soap for all of us.

and once he's left, parkash jokes that the unexpected gift was because we stink.


on another note, the number of cuts and wounds on my hands is crazy.
no thanks to stray staple bullets and sneakily sharp paper edges.
it's an occupational hazard ;)



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