Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's Eve

spent new year's eve at ken's house with a bunch of friends
and it was a sweet, sweet night :)

we ate & drank, talked & laughed, played games that made us all scream, passed around chocolates, lit up sparklers, set off fireworks and counted down the seconds 'til 2013.

last night, i realized how much i'm going to miss being seventeen with it's simple joys and petty worries. Last year, i could still hold on to fairytales and imagine that my future would turn out right even if i did everything wrong and last year, i had all my friends and family right where i want them to be, close enough to hug.

but now, slowly, i'm giving up my dreams and settling for what i know would be best. it's an idea that's sneakily taking root in my heart and in my mind. And slowly, everybody is going to drift away to wherever life will take them. It's so hard to imagine a time, and us, like this again; where everything and anything could happen.

and so, we said good bye to 2012 and greeted the new year with the loudest laughter and the widest smiles and a bottle of red wine.

cheers to awesome new adventures! :)

ps. pictures stolen from kay's fb!

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