Saturday, January 12, 2013

birthdays and blessings

these were taken on Sham's eighteenth birthday!
i can't believe that she's eighteen!
that means i'm going to be eighteen soon too!

gosh, i remember being thirteen and doing all sorts of stupid things with her and all the crazy conversations that, thankfully, we still have today :)

and and and now, she's eighteen!
and though, we haven't been classmates in quite a while, we were always schoolmates, always, since we were nine.
oh goodness.
now, she's off to college and soon enough, i will be off to a different school.

i feel old, so old and i'm not ready to grow up yet!

lately, i've thinking of the future, maybe ten years from now.
when we meet up for dinner or lunch dates, we'd sitting around the table and we won't be high school students anymore, that bunch that talks too much and laughs too loud and takes up the table far too long.
we'd each be different things, connected by a history we share and a time we knew.
and i wonder how we'd look, how our lives will be, how happy we'll be.

it's exciting and crazy and scary and unimaginable and unpredictable and so many other things.
but in the end, we will all still be friends.

and that is such a blessing, truly. 

well, happy birthday, shamz!
you're a good friend and if anyone asks why, i have the exact reason hidden in the folds of a story that, til today, makes my heart grow with all kinds of love for you.

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