Sunday, November 11, 2012


Here I am.. holed up in this beautiful little house in port dickson, pretending spm doesn't exist and I'm free of all obligations.

HAH. As if. I brought my biology books along because I'm such a nerd BD AHHAHAH. But seriously, church mates have been telling me how they think it's cool that I'm so relaxed but their comments made me wonder if I'm too relaxed. Should I worry more? Should I study a little more? I don't know if I can though. It's just not in me.

But this weekend has been pretty awesome. It's complete bliss. Calm and so incredibly chill.

The house itself is gorgeous. Small but gorgeous. The floor is tiled in white in some places and covered in beautiful dark wood in others. There's a glass door right in front of the sofa and in the mornings and afternoons, sunlight stream in and the wooden floor lights up in gold and shadows dance across the ground. There's a private pool right in our courtyard where i swear my younger sisters spent half their time. I don't know when or how but chlorine water has lost its appeal to me. Maybe it was somewhere along the line of being forced to swimming classes for an entire month, ending up forgetting everything the poor coach taught me and still being hella scared of water, perhaps even more.. MEHH. It's okay. I'm neither a fish nor a mermaid, i have no use for such skillz as swimming. Hmphf.

I spend most days lounging barefoot in sunny yellow shorts, the softest of cotton tees and sun dried hair, reading, sipping green tea, walking around aimlessly and generally doing nothing in particular.
The most productive thing I've done these few days were the two bio papers I've completed. Not bad huh? HAHAHH.

The only complain I have is how cold it gets at night! Seriously! What's with hotels in Malaysia being so, so freezing cold?!? And the bathroom. Waking up in a foreign bed that doesn't smell of me is odd enough, then i put my feet down on cold floor and walk into the bathroom. TILES; tiles are like blocks of ice in the morning. Seriously! And the water is always scalding hot or icy cold. Sigh. Sometimes I think only sheer will keeps my toes from freezing off.
But then the sun comes up and everything is okay. Especially if you get to eat leftover pizza for breakfast, then spend the rest of the morning watching the voice, reading abraham lincoln, doing bio at the most leisurely pace ever :B

But it also gets pretty lonely here. I mean, the beach is kinda far away from here and I'm nearly going stir crazy but time away from civilization is good. Sometimes!

ahhh, life is good :)


  1. I LOOOOOOOVE THIS POST!The pictures are beautiful,calming,relaxing,peaceful...They're just beautiful!Looks like pictures on tumblr!you know you know.:DDD It's soo nicee!Love it.:D

  2. And they look so out of Malaysia.HAHAAHA


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