Sunday, October 14, 2012


today i felt something new.
and it's not everyday that you experience a completely new feeling so i'm kinda psyched now.

i woke up this morning and walked into the the bathroom and somehow, promptly fainted. I remember the few seconds before i lost consciousness. 
The world was literally spinning and i was literally seeing stars, i mean, everything was dark and there were white, shiny stuff flying around. And yes, i did  need to say literally so many times because that's how books describe fainting and i have never felt it and it had always seemed a bit far fetched. 
But now i know better :D

okay, it's kinda crazy that i'm so happy to have fainted but it's something new okay. And I find glee in the silliest things.

Anyway, what's even more amazing is the temporary loss of memory i felt when i finally came back to earth. Hey! Maybe that's why people faint, because aliens kidnapped your soul! That's why you feel all dizzy and see stars! Because they were using some advanced vacuum machine thing to suck you into space. Hmm..

AHHAHA. Okay, so, my mom was so anxious and worried and freaked and asking me if i hit myself anywhere or did i feel any pain or if i was okay. And my brain just couldn't process anything. So i said, 'did i fall down?'

Yeeeahh. In retrospect, that was the stupidest thing i could have said since i was lying on the floor so.. HAHHAHA.

But really, for a while, i couldn't recall anything! 
And it was kinda scary but cool now that i'm okay again :D 
Just, wow. Is that how people who last some part of their memory feel?
Like a piece of their time, of their history, of their past was stolen? 

But i'm also grateful that;
one, i did not knock into the edge of the sink or any other toilet things on the way to the floor because that would suck, big time.
two, when i went to church to pass some stuff to olivia and told her why i couldn't stay for youth service, she immediately started whispering a prayer into my ear and walked me down to my mom's car. 
three, i'm fine now! see! i'm okay! Still laughing, still feeling all bored and guilty because i should be studying..

yeah, okay, bye.

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