Saturday, September 01, 2012


"laters, baby."

FIfty Shades Freed E.L. James

I'm done with the fifty shades trilogy, all three books.

I started reading fifty shades of grey because i was curious with the amount of publicity the book was getting, i mean, even ian somerhalder wanted to play christian grey!
I wasn't even planning to finish the book, thinking i'd read a couple of chapters and see what it's all about
but because it was pretty short, i finished the book in two, three days?

the ending of the first book was completely heartbreaking. It was as far from a happy ending as the sun is from earth, multiply infinity!
i downloaded the second book immediately after finishing the first because i was really, really upset with the ending
and yeah...
i finished that too.

and theeeeen, fifty shades darker ended with christian and ana getting married
that's a happy ending
but you know how all fairytales end with a big kiss?
i always wonder what comes after that so..
and that's the story of how i started reading the third book
and finished it.

i swear, it's a conspiracy.

i wouldn't say it's a gooood book but it's amusing
and it's romance, which girl in her right mind would resist?

ps. i was all for ian somerhalder getting the role of christian grey but my friend reminded me of gossip girl's chuck bass and now, i'm kinda torn between ian somerhalder and ed westwick :(

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