Friday, August 31, 2012

'cause this city is my city
and i love it, yeah, i love it
i was born and raised here
i got it made here
and if i had my way, i'm gonna stay here
for life

it's the thirty first of august!
besides the fact that baskin robbin is offering a thirty one percent discount off all their sales today
and the fact that i have three tubs of cold, yummy goodness in my freezer..
it's also Malaysia's fifty fifth Independence Day :D

and i love my city, i love my country.
forget all the drugs and gangs, corruption and pollution
and it's as to close to perfect as homelands go.
it's sunny and beautiful,
and of course, there's the food and the kaleidoscope of colorful culture..

and i do want to stay here for the rest of my days.
but life has a way of getting into things
and i don't know if i'm going to get my way
but oh, wherever i go, i take it with me
because it's in my blood :)

so, cheers Malaysia!
May you grow ever wiser, ever beautiful & ever richer, in everything.

ps. finally! a legit reason to have this song on endless replay :D
pps. don't know who patrick stump is actually but he's kinda cute HAHAHA.just... forgive his rather spastic dancing HAHHAHAHAHHA.
ppps. spent the day reading history. How fitting :p

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