Friday, June 29, 2012


got one of those kiddy temporary tattoo thingies from hannah :p

anyway, realized something today.
so, a few of my friends are really against tattoos and they go on about why they think it's bad and how they like clean skin and blah blah blah.

i tolerate tattoos, okay?
as long as they're not too crazy
i think it's just another creative outlet.
in fact, to me, it's kinda like wearing jewelry, only tattoos are permanent.
but hey! if you're sure you want one for life, go ahead!
it's your body, you know?

so, i got kinda offended when they started going on about how they're against tattoos and all that
and i got defensive

that's when i realized
while i think they're too set in their way of thinking,
am i not the same?
when i condemn them for being too uptight about it?

while they're trying to instill their dislike of tattoos in me,
am i not the same?
when i argue and try to justify that tattoos aren't all that bad?

sometimes, i think we hate on haters but forget to stand back and look at ourselves
and see ourselves hating on haters.

HAHAHHAHHAH. that last sentence sounded so hipster :p
but whatever.
you get my point.

i'm trying to love a lot more, judge a little less and always give people the benefit of the doubt.


  1. I like the picture.:) Hey why not try out the tips on how to be a super model?HAHAHAHA that would be awesome LOLOLOL

    1. Thanks, kay! AHHAHAH damn funny lah! ellen asked taylor to try those tips on her show you know! it was funny xD

  2. wrong, right, acceptable, not acceptable....i pretty much think they are man made rules and it also depends who you are talking too. In my opinion it is a good thing that you can look at the same subject matter from different perspectives which in a way allows you to empathize the other's opinion....a big step to managing change and tolerance! I am proud of you!

    1. thanks :P but in that moment right.. sometimes so hard to remember to see both sides of the argument :( when you think about it again then only you'll see your own mistakes and regret it! and also sometimes too much tolerance and people will step all over you -__-

    2. says who we cannot be firm yet friendly....i think with realization of other's opinion allows us not to go on an argument for the sake of arguing.. and you know what they say, keep your friend close but your enemy closer...if you know the other person's thoughts, would that give you an upper hand to strategize your argument?! hihihi *evil winks*

    3. very hard to find that balance + i hate offending people, even if they deserve it xD AHHAHHA. EVIL :P


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