Sunday, June 10, 2012

i am content

it's been awhile since i've felt so content.
No needs, no wants.
Just plain happy.

i'm at  peace with almost everything.
exceptions being biology & history :p

i feel so loved;
by my parents because today, we celebrated Parents' Day at church & i'm reminded of the depth of their love.
by God because that's what singing along to praise & worship songs do to me.
by my friends because they make me laugh so much.
by my dog because she's by my side the minute i enter the door.
by someone who has been drifting in & out of my life for a few years now because somehow & somewhere, something has changed & i truly hope that it's for the better.

of course, life still isn't perfect but it's never going to be.
and this is as good as it can get :)

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