Friday, June 01, 2012

how to make lunch,

  1. woke up at nine
  2. took a quick shower & ate an even quicker breakfast 
  3. met up with my four friends at carrefour
  4. shopped for groceries for the first time! :D
  5. mistook a garlic for an onion
  6. picked out potatoes that hadn't began germinating
  7. went home with bacon, milk, onion, potatoes, cheese, mushrooms etc.
  8. decided to make quiche for lunch
  9. hoped that we wouldn't mess it up or no lunch for us :p
  10. argued about the right way to boil potatoes
  11. cried while cutting onions
  12. made mashed potatoes
  13. cooked bacon, onions & mushrooms
  14. whisked eggs, milk, flour, salt
  15. baked the pie crust
  16. accidentally dropped the pie crust and broke it in half
  17. ended up crumbling the pie crust over the bottom of a cake tin
  18. poured in the milk&flour&eggs mixture and added the bacon&onions&mushrooms
  19. sprinkled an excessive amount of extra cheese over the top
  20. decided to call the improvised version of quiche, 'lunch' :p
  21. argued whether to chill the mashed potatoes or bake them or leave them at room temperature which i find disgusting 
  22. ended up sticking it in the oven for a few minutes after baking 'lunch' while the oven was still hot
  23. 'lunch' tasted so good & was so filling & we made it ourselves! What could be better than that? :)
  24. craziest cooking session ever!
  25. planning our next kitchen disaster via twitter; unicorn poop anyone? 

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