Friday, June 08, 2012

awesome words we don't have in english

ten awesome words we don't have in english

although i think half those 'words' are more like phrases, this article was still really cute! HAHAH

here's my favorites;

  1. Prozvonit - Czech 
    to call a phone once and hang up, hoping the other person will call back

    My father is the epitome of this word HAHAHAHHA. he always does this to my mom :p
  2. Jayus - Indonesian
    a joke told so terribly that it becomes funny

    We all can identify with this, yes?
  3. Yuanfen - Chinese 
    the invisible thread said to connect some people, especially romantic couples, determined by fate

    I think Mandarin is such a beautiful & complex language. I regret not picking it up. It's never too late, i guess but i doubt i'll ever be fluent enough to be able to manipulate it as well as those who are lucky enough to call it their mother tongue.
and because i google everything, i found this site, better than english and am now scrolling endlessly & wanting to post almost everything :D

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