Saturday, May 26, 2012

travelling by bullet-through-my-head

"Well, what if the place she moved to was even harder to get to than New Zealand? A place you couldn't get to by boat or by plane or even by fucking rocketship? What if she went somewhere and the only way you could follow was to put a bullet through your head or hang yourself from your closet rack or run your car in a closed garage? I did it because i loved someone up one side and down the other like that," Ross said. "Not in spite of it."

Second Glance Jodi Picoult 

Here's a fresh new way to look at suicide :)
Just like a man who has decided to put a pause on his career, to leave behind his family&friends, to just drop his entire life and travel across the country to surprise his lover.
I can imagine a reunion scene at the Gates of Heaven and it would be beautiful and romantic, like a tear-inducing romance movie.

ps. how could blogger's dictionary tell me to correct rocketship to rocket ship or rocket-ship or rockets hip or rockets-hip or rocketry but still recognize the word fucking?
pps. rockets hip?! HAHAHHHAHAH. sorry, weird mental image.

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