Saturday, May 26, 2012

second glance

i think every word sounds different when you say it.
Like how angry sounds well, angry
and how silly sounds silly.

i found myself repeating the word N'Dadan a few times just to see if it really sounded like a heartbeat :p
and because my definition of father was very much influenced by this book at that time, it did sound like a heartbeat because Gray Wolf's story was a such a sad one.
He lived too long and watched too many of his loved ones die.

'I' had just found out that she was half-Abenaki.
& that is important because her husband and father were both actively involved in the eugenics movement.
A movement to more or less weed out certain genes from a population by preventing those carrying the genes from having kids.
The way it was portrayed in the book, i think it's really cruel.
& the Abenaki were among those who carried the 'undesired' genes.

the way i see it, 
it's about heritage and about who you are and being proud of that.

i love the way the phrase tucking in was used here.
Because isn't that what being a cop is?
Like a parent constantly watching out for her kids, ensuring their safety and punishing them when they misbehave?

Az Thompson, Gray Wolf, John Delacour;
he had many names
but only a single story
and it was such a sad, sad one.

mmhmm, yes, it is.

Ross is the luckiest and unluckiest person ever.
Out of sheer luck, he just can't die, no matter how much he wants to.
& out of sheer luck again, he's in love with two dead women.

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