Friday, April 27, 2012

for her kindness

'Do you think father really loved Octavia?'

It seemed cruel to say no, but Octavia was nothing like our mother, and I couldn't imagine my father ever racing chariots with her on the Canopic Way, or spinning her in his arms whenever she won.

'Perhaps he loved her kindness,' I offered and Alexander nodded.

Cleopatra's Daughter Michelle Moran

Father being Marc Anthony, mother being Cleopatra and Octavia, Marc Anthony's first wife.

This part of the story broke my heart and I realized just how noble Octavia is.

How many women would be so willing to take under her wings the two children her ex-husband had with the woman he left her for?

And she didn't just take them in! She truly provided for them and looked out for them and even went against the Caesar's wife's wishes for them!

I'm ashamed to say that if I were in her shoes, though I will of course wish no harm to the innocent children, I wouldn't be so willing.

To be looking at the very reminder that someone you once loved had loved someone else every single day?!
I would grow nuts!

In defense of Marc Anthony, I think it wasn't a marriage of love. Still, doesn't make Octavia any less of a saint though.
Because she did love him.

ps. I should really, really be studying right now with midterms in two weeks, but I saw this book lying on the table. How could I resist? When it involved Egyptian history? :p

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