Saturday, April 28, 2012

be my queen

'Will you come to Mauretania and be my queen?'
He drew back and looked at me, but I held him closer.
'Just yes?'
I nodded and pressed my lips against his.
 Cleopatra's Daughter Michelle Moran
Happy endings!
The only consolation to the end of a book :)

I liked Juba from the start for some subconscious reason.
In retrospect, i really, really don't know why i was partial to him.

Perhaps, it was because he played hero to Selene's damsel in distress when she was first brought from her land of birth and some part of my Disney-cultured mentality took to that. But no matter, because Selene fell for someone else, a certain Marcellus who was already in love, and my heart still broke for her.

But hey, i like the ending! LOVED IT.

Juba matched Selene on so many levels!
And Marcellus was frankly, to me, a little childish at times.

And and and, Juba was the Red Eagle; this dude fighting to free the slaves.
A rebel with a cause, a writer, a scholar; hmm. yeah, i think Selene is better off with him :)

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