Tuesday, February 07, 2012

her little world

met the most adorable pair of twins yesterday :)
i love their eyes, love their laughter, love the way they want my attention, love their everything.

i like the way she holds my hand and we're suddenly friends.
i like the way she cuddles into my lap and studies my face as if i'm a strange, foreign being.
and i like the way she invited me to play, to allow me into the world she created for herself and i was sad to decline.

sad when it came time to leave but it made me smile when they took my things and hid them away behind their backs so i wouldn't go.
now, i'm missing them the same way i missed a little girl i met over a year ago.

and i'm so afraid i would forget their faces, their smiles and their innocence.
and forget the way i felt so ready to give them anything in exchange for one more smile, one more hug and one more giggle.


  1. TOO LATE :( I wish I had. TOOO CUTEEEE!

  2. Awww..So cute!I wonder who are they?And my cat's name is Lizzie!Hahahah :D You could kiss her face if you come to my house!Heeeeee. :3


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