Saturday, February 18, 2012


when i was a kid, i loved children church. it was the highlight of my week.
but i outgrew it at 12 :(
now, i look forward to Friday nights when i gather with my life group. now, it is the highlight of my week.

it's nice to be reminded of what is truly important;
that there is more to life than the many hours i spend studying in schl five days a week, more than the extra hours i put in for homework and self study, more than my petty troubles with friends and family.
in the midst of all that craziness, it's so easy to forget to step back and look at the bigger picture.
i'm so busy living and breathing that sometimes, i forget that one day, i'm going to stop living and breathing and all those things i lived and breathed for won't matter anymore.

it's wonderful to have people who you feel at home with.
people you can laugh with then sit down in a circle solemnly and remind each other of things we're forgetting.
people you can share your troubles with, people who have the same trouble as you and people who help you through them.

it's a beautiful thing to know that you are unconditionally loved and abundantly blessed.

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