Saturday, January 28, 2012

inside my head

neverland, narnia, camp half blood, terabithia, hogwarts ! 

this is my kind of map. this exists inside my head.
HAHAHA. i have this thing for books/movies/episodes where different stories/characters come together and clash.
it's double the fun you know, or triple, it depends.

Like how Percy Jackson lives at Upper East Side when he's not off saving the world or bunking out at Camp Half Blood. 
And you know who else lives at Upper East Side? 
Blair Waldorf. And the rest of the Gossip Girl cast. 
Imagine an episode where Percy Jackson makes an appearance HAHAHHA.
Blair and Serena bitching it out or teaming up against some other chick, depending on whatever drama is going on, and then, there's Percy! fighting a mythical monster in the background. 

that would be epic (Y)

i would die, and die happy :)

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